Administrative Service Center

The staff of the Administrative Service Center are committed to providing quality services to the District in the following areas: finance and budget, employee benefits, payroll, substitutes, employment opportunities and employee advancement.

School Financial information, IMRF information
Liz Beck, Financial Secretary/School Treasurer
Phone: 309-833-6269
Email Liz Beck

Receptionist and Substitute Coordinator
Sadie Magee, Secretary/Receptionist
Phone: 309-837-0562
Substitute Phone Line: 309-837-1642
Email Sadie Magee

Budget and Payroll information
Dianne Hudgens, Budget Director
Phone: 309-833-4162
Email Dianne Hudgens

Secretary to the Superintendent, Board Recording Secretary, Employee Health information
Lisa Mooney, Executive Secretary/Board Recording
Phone: 309-833-4164
Email Lisa Mooney

Human Resources
Velvet Taflinger, Administrative Secretary/Human Resources
Phone: 309-833-4163
Email Velvet Taflinger