Wellness/Mental Health

Students at Macomb High School are supported by multiple adults. Students experiencing anxiety and depression are encouraged to contact our counselors, social worker, or school psychologist.

The pandemic has been hard on all of us.  If you are feeling the burden of it, please know you are not alone.  It is one thing to feel the burden, but if you are feeling overwhelmed there are staff available who want to help.  Besides teachers, your counselors, Mrs. Huston & Mr. Johnson, the social worker, Mrs. Fink, and the school psychologist, Mrs. Keck are available to help.  Reach out for support; we are here for you.     

Mrs. Huston, Last names A-K (hustons@mcusd185.org)

Mr. Johnson, Last names L-Z (johnsonj@mcusd185.org)

Mrs. Fink (finke@mcusd185.org)

Mrs. Keck (keckr@mcusd185.org)

McDonough County Social Services Guide