22-23 Macomb High School Building Security Updates

In working to continually make our building as safe as possible, the following procedural changes will take place beginning with the start of the 2022-2023 school year. 


  1. All students driving to school will park in the west lot (football field side) and use the commons entrance (K).  Students will no longer be allowed to park in the east lot (tennis court) during the school day.  Please do not arrive before 7:50 am.  Parents driving students to school will use the circle drive and are asked not to arrive before 7:40 am. 

  2. All HS student drop off will now take place at the circle drive using the commons entrance (K).  The doors will no longer be open before school on the east side. Parents may still pick up HS students on the east side at the end of school. 

  3. Backpacks will be placed in the locker upon entering the building. (Because of COVID protocols over the last two years, this rule was temporarily rescinded.)  A reminder that backpacks may be checked by school personnel at any time for the safety of all. 

  4. Parents and visitors to our building will no longer enter the actual office.  They will enter the foyer outside of the office (H), let staff know where they are going and leave a PHOTO IDENTIFICATION CARD. Staff will provide them a visitor badge and then allow them into the hallway.  When leaving the building, visitors will have their photo ID returned.   Sign in sheets for visitors will no longer be used. 

  5. Students entering the building, except before the start of school and at lunchtime will enter through the office (H). When students arrive and leave during the school day, they will enter the main office to sign in/out. 

  6. Students must enter and exit the building through the office, except at lunchtime and at the end of school. 

  7. Cell phone use will be eliminated during class time.  (Parents please see the newsletter entry by Mr. Sullivan.)