Student Data Privacy

Student Online Personal Protection Act

Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) protects the privacy and security of student data when collected by companies operating websites, online services, or online/mobile applications primarily used for K-12 school purposes.  Prohibits the use of student data for targeted advertising, the sale of student information gathered during the students’ use of the educational technology, and the use of data collected to amass a profile about a student.

Effective July 1, 2021, school districts will be required to post a list of operators with which the district has written agreements, copies of those written agreements, and other information about such operators on the school’s website; as well as to notify students and parents of any breach of student data by an operator of the school.  (105 ILCS 85/1 et seq.)  Websites must be updated twice yearly: no later than 30 days after the start of each fiscal and calendar year. 

ALL public schools are required to have signed agreements with vendors or providers (i.e. operators) that collect student data (both free and paid services)

Macomb CUSD 185 Data Privacy Agreements

To view a list of all operators of online services or applications utilized by the district, please visit the Macomb CUSD 185 Online Resources.  The Data Privacy Agreements (DPA) outline what data is stored, how it is protected, what the company can and cannot do with the data, and what they will do in the event of a data breach.  Parents have the ability to exercise their rights to inspect, review, correct information, or opt-out.

Teacher Digital Resource Request Form

If a teacher is interested in using a resource that requires students to login to either access or produce content on the Internet, please:

  1. First review the current  Macomb CUSD 185 Online Resource agreements the district has in place.
  2. If you do not see the resource you wish to use, please fill out the Teacher Digital Resource Request Form with as much information as possible. 
  3. Once the district has the Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) from the vendor the teacher is able to use the resource.  If the vendor does not comply to the DPA, the resource is not to be used.