May News


5/3/2023-High School Late Start (Classes begin at 9:00 am)

5/12/2023-SIP Day

5/12/2023: Senior Convocation 1:00-3:00-parents welcome to come

5/15/2023: FINAL DAY of senior attendance, unless taking finals (see message from Mr. Fulkerson about checkout process for seniors.)

5/16-5/17: Senior final exams

5/19/2023: Graduation practice (9:30 am at Western Hall)

5/20/2023: Graduation 7:30 PM Western Hall

5/24-5/26: Finals for 9-11, see below.

5/26/2023-SIP Day-Last Day of School


The MHS graduation ceremony is set for Saturday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. The ceremony will take place at Western Hall on the campus of Western Illinois University here in Macomb. Graduates may invite an unlimited number of guests. Reminder, graduates are required to attend practice the day before at 9:30.



Wed, May 24

Thu, May 25

Fri , May 26


1st period exam

4th period exam

8th period exam


2nd period exam

5th/6th period exam

Make-up Exams




Lunch/Early dismissal


3rd period final exam

7th period exam

2:15-3:054th period/make-up work 8th period/make-up work

Students earning an exemption from all of their final exams are not expected to attend on these days. Students earning an exemption from some, but not all finals, can leave the building for those periods without a required exam. Lunch during finals will be open campus for all students.

Spring 23 Attendance, Punctuality, Behavior & Grade Incentive


To promote MHS expectations, we will offer a second semester final exam incentive. Students will not be required to take final exams in May, if they meet the following criteria:

1. The student must have zero unexcused absences second semester. (Arriving more than 10 minutes late to a class is an unexcused absence.) This is per class/period. In addition, class periods where a student has arrived 10 minutes after the start of class are counted as absences. 

2. The student must have 20 or fewer tardies for all periods combined during the school year.

 3. In every class the student wishes to be exempt from the final, they must earn a “C” or above. 

4. The student must not have more than 2 Level I or II Referrals during the 2nd semester.

5. The student must not have an OSS and/or a Level III Referral during the 2nd semester.

 6. The student has a right to take each waived exam to better improve their grade.

Clarifications & Reminders: 

We have purposely focused on limiting unexcused absences for this incentive because we do not want any student to come to school when sick. We excuse absences for illness so these will not count against a student for this incentive. 

Why might an absence be unexcused instead of excused? 
The most common reason is that guardian does not call the attendance office to communicate the reason for the absence. If we do not hear from the guardian, the absence is unexcused.  

The student has exhausted the number of days we can accept a guardian call to excuse the absence.  We accept guardian “call-ins” up to 9 days. After the 9th time, we only excuse illness if a Dr. note is provided. 

This incentive applies to grades 9-12. Seniors are also eligible for the “A” incentive found in the handbook. This incentive has no bearing on WACS courses, dual enrollment WIU courses, dual credit Spoon River courses, and any other sources that have set their own policies. 

Students that earn exemptions from final exams still have the option of taking them to raise their grade.  


♫ Macomb High School Choral Department  



Wednesday, May 3rd        Spring Concert Information 

Our Spring Concert will be on Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm in Fellheimer Auditorium.   

Call Times: 

6:30pm        Call time in choir room for all 9-12 grade students 

6:55pm     In seats 

7:00pm        Concert Begins 


Friday, May 5th        Choir Dance in Auditorium 

Students in 9-12 grade choir are invited to a “dance” on the stage from 6-8 pm in Fellheimer Auditorium. Students are encouraged to bring something for a potluck in the auditorium foyer. We will have music, dancing and food!  I’m looking for parents who would be willing to help with the food portion that evening. No dancing required for chaperones. 😊  


Wednesday, May 10th    Bomber Basses & Bomber Bellas perform- JH Choir Concert 

7:00pm Fellheimer Auditorium (You may leave after singing.) 


Friday, May 19th     Graduation Practice for Concert Choir 

Concert Choir will practice for Graduation on Friday, May 19th in the morning from 10:15-11:43am. 


Saturday, May 20th    MHS Graduation 

Concert Choir will be performing at Graduation in Western Hall on Saturday, May 20th at 7:30 pm.    


Call Times:    Sophomores and Juniors:    Be there at 7:10 pm; be in your seats at 7:15 pm. 

Dress        Sophomores and Juniors:    Choir Robe AND Stoll!  Black bottoms, black nylons,  

black shoes.  Please dress nicely! 

Seniors            Graduation robe, any bottoms and any shoes 

Grade:  This is a required performance for Concert Choir Members and is worth 100 points.   



Monday, May 22nd    Auditions for 2023-2024 Extracurricular Choirs:  

“Madrigal Singers”, “Bomber Bellas” and “Bomber Basses” 


Auditions for the 2023-2024 school year Madrigal Singers (SATB), Bomber Bellas (SSAA) and Bomber Basses (TTBB) will be on May 22nd from 3:15-6:00pm.   (Current members will NOT need to re-audition.) 

*2023-2024 Rehearsal Times:    Bomber Bellas will rehearse on Mondays from 3:15-4:00 pm. 

Bomber Basses will rehearse on Tuesdays/Thursdays at lunch. 

Madrigals will rehearse on Thursdays from 3:15-4:00 pm


Macomb High School is hosting a summer credit recovery program from June 5 - June 30. Any student that has not passed a class either 1st or 2nd semester should sign up.  Please see the attached information.  If you have any questions about courses and credit, contact your academic counselor.

Summer School Sign-Up Information


Yearbooks capture your high school memories. Don't miss out! Order by May 15th to reserve a copy. Yearbooks will be delivered next school year around the end of September. To order go to to order yours today!


SSG Tristen Duran, SFC Patrick Draughn, and SFC Mark Maroon of the Illinois Army National Guard brought MREs to all the Macomb High School FACS classes for a "Chopped" Challenge April 27th. In addition to the MREs, the National Guard provided extra ingredients for students to work with as they prepared their recipes.  

Thank you for a wonderful project with our students, but more importantly, thank you for serving our country. You are all the best! 
Pictured below are the classes along with the "Chopped" winnersthumbnail_IMG_4277thumbnail_IMG_4259thumbnail_IMG_4275thumbnail_IMG_4264thumbnail_IMG_4269thumbnail_IMG_4274