Learning Model 4th Qtr 20-21

On Monday, March 29, we will begin the 4th quarter by bringing our "A" and "B" groups together for in-person learning, 5 days a week. 


March 15-19: No School, Spring Break

Mon, Mar 22: No School for students, Planning Day for teachers
Tue, Mar 23: Hybrid B Day
Wed, Mar 24: All Remote, Wednesday Bell Schedule
Thu, Mar 25:Hybrid A Day
Fri, Mar 26: Hybrid B Day

Mon, March 29: First Day of A & B students attending together. 

Tues, April 13: High School Only; Grades 9, 10, and 12 will learn remotely by completing Daily Tasks. Grade 11 take the required SAT at MHS. All juniors in IL will take the SAT on this date.

Q & A

Will we use the 8:05-3:05 schedule?
Yes, MHS courses will follow the normal bell schedule, five days per week.

Will there still be a remote only group?
Yes, those students that are currently enrolled in "remote only" instruction will continue to learn remotely.

Is there a way for students to still be hybrid?
No, there will not be a hybrid model to start the 4th quarter. Remote only students will remain remote. Current A/B students will be shifted to five days a week.

Is there a way for remote students to switch to face-to-face instruction?
No, not at this time. 

Will we allow parents to switch their student to all remote?
Yes, parents may switch their student to the all remote model of learning. Given that we will have double the number of students in the building and we will not be able to social distance to six feet, some may choose to go remote for the 4th quarter.

Will teachers continue to live stream lessons?
Yes, we will continue to live stream with Microsoft Teams for those lessons where it's appropriate.

Will teachers still do Daily Tasks? 
Yes, teachers will provide a brief summary of items assigned each day through Daily Tasks.

Will we begin using lockers?
No, we will not use hall lockers. With double the students, we will forego stopping at lockers between classes. This has worked well so far.

Will we dress for PE?
No.  We will not change in to PE clothes nor will we use the locker rooms.

Will we still have 2 lunch periods? Where will we put the lunch overflow?
Yes, we will continue to have two lunch periods for the HS. We don't expect a lot of overflow but we are prepared to use two additional spaces with tables and chairs.  

Will we change our parking lot usage?
Yes, we will open the west lot for student drivers. Currently, students are parking in the east lot (tennis courts). With A & B students now attending on the same days, we will need the additional spaces to accommodate the extra drivers. Students should continue to wait until after 7:50 to arrive at school and then go directly to class.

Will students continue to be screened before coming into the building?
Parents will need to self-certify that their child is coming to school symptom free. We have already discontinued using thermometers for students when they arrive.

How does this impact required assessments, specifically the SAT?
On Tuesday, April 13, (High School Only); Grades 9, 10, and 12 will learn remotely by completing Daily Tasks. Grade 11 take the required SAT at MHS. All juniors in IL will take the SAT on this date. The PSAT 9 and PSAT 10 have been cancelled by ISBE.

How will attendance work? How will teachers take attendance?
Our teachers will continue to take attendance in Skyward. If a student is scheduled to be at school and they are physically in class, then the teacher will count them as present.  If a student is scheduled to be at school but they choose to view class remotely without a valid reason they will be counted absent. Some students are choosing to stay home even though they are scheduled to be here. We have counted them as "remote present" since we began streaming lessons but we will no longer do this 4th quarter.  Students that are quarantined or scheduled as remote only will be counted as remote present when they attend class through Teams.