Remote Lessons

Week 24: May 17-21 (Theme: Boredom Buster -k/1 and Responsibility - 2/3


I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black - When a bored girl meets a potato who finds children tedious, she tries to prove him wrong by demonstrating all of things children can do, from turning cartwheels to using their imaginations (Kind/1st) 

Read Aloud - click here for a read aloud from the author, and a drawing demo from the illustrator. 

Video - click  here  for a video on Found Object Doodles by Debbie Ridpath Ohi - who probably never gets bored. 

Activity - practice your own found object doodles with everyday items from your home.

nanette_orig Nanette's Baguette by Mo Willems - Complications ensue when a young frogs mother gives her the responsibility of buying the family baguette (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - click here  to listen to the book read by Jeff Paulsen 

Video - click here  to see Mo Willems stage the scene for Nanette's Baguette 

Week 23: May 10-14 (Theme: Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month)



The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin - A little girl thinks her mothers garden is the ugliest in the neighborhood until she discovers that flowers might look and smell pretty but Chinese vegetable soup smells best of all. (Kind/1st) 

Read Aloud - The Ugly Vegetables 

Craft connection - Follow along with author/illustrator Grace Lin to draw the Rabbit in the Moon, and learn what is symbolized by the apple, the orange and the peach. Grace Lin also offers an Ugly Vegetable Coloring Sheet 

Food connection - Ugly Vegetable Soup Recipe



Ruby's Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges - In China, at a time when few girls are taught to read or write, Ruby dreams of going to the University with her brothers and male cousins. (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - Ruby's Wish 

Craft Connection - Ruby and her cousins practiced calligraphy. Have fun creating your own font with this Simple Calligraphy Tutorial for Kids

Week 22: May 3-7 (Theme: Star Wars!!)

This week we are celebrating our love for Star Wars with a Star Wars Choice Board. Peruse the board for hours of entertaining fun. 

Star Wars Choice Board Star Wars

Week 21:  April 26-30 (Theme: Compare/Contrast older books with new)


Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion (1956)- Harry is a white dog with black spots who loves everything....except baths.  One day, before bath time, Harry runs away.  By the time he returns home, Harry is so dirty he looks like a black dog with white spots and his family doesn't recognize him. (kind/1st)

A Dog Wearing Shoes by Sangmi Kim (2015) - Mini finds a dog and begs to keep him.  Based on a true story.  The author's niece once found a lost dog with shoes on, and after returning him to his owner, she adopted a dog named Ray.  Sangmi lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, with two adopted dogs, White and Malti. (kind/1st) 

Read Aloud- Harry the Dirty Dog on Storyline, presented by Betty White

Read Aloud - A Dog Wearing Shoes read by Maya Condos



The Outside Cat by Jane Thayer (1959) - Samuel wants to get inside. He finally does, only to discover that the family and cat who was living there have moved. Now Samuel wants out, but he's trapped in an empty house. (2nd/3rd)

Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku by Lee Wardlaw (2011) - Prefaced with the clear explanation of the traditional Japanese Haiku, a three line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5 / 7/ 5 syllable count. A cat arrives at a shelter, arranges to go home with a good family, and settles in with them, all the while letting them know who is boss, and, finally, sharing his real name. (2nd/3rd) 

Read Aloud - The Cat Outside, presented by WastelesslyWise

Read Aloud - Won Ton presented by Julia and Girls Inc

Week 20: April 19-23 (Theme: Earth Day)

Tree Steve

Our Tree Named Steve by. Alan Zweibel - This book tells the story of one families beloved tree who becomes such am important part of their life, they even give it a name.(Kind/1st) 

Read Aloud - Our Tree Named Steve read by Mr. Inquiry

Video - Think Earth  shows the impact we have on the environment 

Activity - Use the Earth Day Choice Board to complete themed activities Earth Day Choice Board


Earth! My First 4.5 Billion Years by Stacy McAnulty - A simple story that joyfully introduces readers to key moments in a readers life, from its formation over 4 billion years ago to the present and ends on a reflective to encourage sharing, playing nice and cleaning up. (2nd/3rd) 

Read Aloud - Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years 

Video - Think Earth  shows the impact we have on the environment. 

Activity - Use the Earth Day Choice Board to complete themed activities Earth Day Choice Board 

Week 19:  April 12-16 (Theme: Baseball is back!!!) 


Playing Right Field - by Willy Welch - Although he is always chosen last and sent to play in right field where there is little action, and nothing much to do but watch the dandelions grow, a young boy has his moment of fame. (Kind/1st) 

Read-Aloud - Playing Right Field 

Video- Playing Right Field sung by Peter, Paul and Mary

Activity- watch this Tour of St. Cardinals Busch Stadium  

william-hoy-story-signalswilliam-hoy-storyThe William Hoy Story by Nancy Churnin - Learn about deaf baseball player William Hoy (1862-1961) and his influence on the way baseball umpires use hand signals to call the game. (2nd/3rd) 

Read-Aloud - The William Hoy Story presented by Mrs. St Germain reads

Activity - Look over the Umpire signals image above, do they look familiar? 

Video - watch a tour of St Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium 

Week 18:  April 5-9 (Theme: Celebrating Reading)


Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies by Carolyn Crimi - Henry doesn't like doing pirate things, all Henry wants to do is read books.  When their ship sinks, the other pirates learn all the valuable information Henry is getting from his beloved books. (Kind/1st)

Real-Aloud:  Henry and the buccaneer pirates  read by Mr. Braggs library 

Craft Connection: step-by-step instructions on how to fold an origami boat 


This is Not That Kind of Book by Christopher Healy - A riotous alphabet match up primer features characters that represent different book genres - from fairy tales and mysteries to superhero adventures and joke books, challenging readers to keep up as the story abruptly shifts in other directions.  (2nd/3rd) 

Read- Aloud - This is not that kind of book presented by Muggle Maestra

Craft Connection - Learn about miniature books and make your own with step-by-step instructions

Week 17:  March 29-April 1 (Theme: Inventors)

Crayon man crayon cb

This week we are celebrating National Crayon Day on March 31st - this is such a fun day to celebrate one of the greatest inventions ever created! Use the Crayon Choice Board above to listen to The Crayon Man by Natascha Biebow, then explore the other crayon activities.  

The Crayon Man: The True Story of the Invention of Crayola Crayons -  by. Natascha Biebow - For most of us, crayons are a simple ubiquitous everyday item, but as you will soon realize, that was not always the case. This biography tells the story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of one of the worlds most beloved toys. (Kind-3rd)

National Crayon Day Choice Board 

Week 16: March 22-26 (Theme: Keep Trying!) 

on-account-of-the-gumOn Account of the Gum by. Adam Rex - A timeless tale of wordplay and and humor about a family that resorts to increasing wacky measures to get a wad of gum unstuck from a kids hair - causing everything from butter to scissors to the vacuum and a pet cat to become impossibly and hilariously entangled. (Kind/1st)

Read Aloud - On account of the gum from story time with Suzanne 

Video - Bubblegum, how it's made from Discovery TV UK 

Activity - gumball machine collage step-by-step directions 


Knot Cannot by. Tiffany Stone - A whimsical tale that follows the experiences of a piece of rope that unhappily compares itself to a snake that can move and hiss, before a dilemma helps the rope discover the benefits of its knotting capabilities. (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - Knot cannot  shared by Parkway School District 

Activity - How to tie scouting knots  

Craft connection - How to tie a snake knot tutorial 

Week 15: March 15-19 - No school for Spring Break! 

 Check out the Spring Break choice board for relaxing and educational activities. 

Week 14: March 8-12 (Theme: Award Nominees)


Alfie by. Thyra Heder - Told from the perspective of the girl, Nia, and then the turtle Alife, this story describes what happens when Alfie disappears on the eve of Nia's birthday to find her a special present. (Kind/1st)

Read Aloud- Alfie presented by Sankofa read aloud 

Sounding out words we don't know - pronounce the authors first and last name. Give it a try! Thigh-rah Head-er? Then click here to listen to the surprising way it is pronounced. 

Story Extender- an interview with the author

Craft connection- step-by-step instructions to paint a pet turtle on rocks


Sergeant Reckless by Patricia McCormick - With every war comes stories of heroism. In this case, it's a little mare used to haul ammunition to US soldiers during the Korean War. Though the marines had doubts about her ability to haul the heavy loads, they began her training.  It quickly became apparent that not only did Reckless have a large heart, she's also consume anything-including chocolate, Coca-Cola and poker chips. (2nd/3rd)

Read aloud - Sergeant Reckless  presented by Kristi Ferrell

Video- learn about the top 10 famous war horses in history

Activity - Do you have a dog at home? See if you can train your dog to carry a basket, following the steps in this video  Note the similarities and differences in how the dog is taught and how Reckless was taught. 

Week 13: March 1-5 (Theme: Traditions)

change your name

The Change Your Name Store by Leanne Shirtliffe - Wilma Lee Wu does not like her name, so she marches to the Change Your Name Store where she meets Zeena McFouz, the outrageous owner. (k-3)

Read Aloud - The Change your name Store read aloud

Game- Tired of your name? Want to be someone else? Visit to see what your new name could be. 

Creative Connection - if you don't know already, find out how your name was chosen and turn it into a story, real or imagined.  Write or draw about it. 

Week 12: February 22-26 (Theme: Celebrating Black History Month-Growth Mindset)


Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall - After he passes his swimming lessons, little Jabari decides he's ready to try jumping off the diving board. When the big moment arrives, Jabari needs to work up the courage to jump. (Kind/1st)

Read Aloud - Jabari Jumps  presented by The Alphabet Book Corner 

Video - Courage for kids - what does it mean to have courage?  What is Courage? 


Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions by Chris Barton - Lonnie Johnson always had a mind for inventions, at a young age he built rockets in his bedroom. He became an engineer who worked for NASA until one day he invented the Super-Soaker entirely by accident. This books follows Lonnie's journey as an inventor who always  bet on himself and never refused to give up on his dreams! (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - Whoosh! read by The Dream Channel Whoosh! read aloud

Video - Meet Lonnie Johnson Meet the man who invented the Super Soaker 

For Fun - World's largest Super Soaker gun made by Mark Rober

Week 11: February 16-19 (Theme: Empathy/Kindness)

Ordinary Mary

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson - Can one child's good deed change the world? It can when she's ordinary Mary who stumbles upon ordinary blueberries on her way home from school. (K/1)

Read Aloud - Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed read by author Emily Pearson

Video- Empathy explained by Murray and actor Mark Ruffalo

Activity - choose a few ways from the Great Kindness Challenge   to share kindness with others

Recipe - spread kindness with blueberry muffins from America's Taste Kitchen Kids club Berry Good Muffins 


Ivan: the Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla by Katherine Applegate - Known as the shopping mall gorilla, Ivan lived alone in a small gage for almost 50 years before he was finally relocated to the gorilla habitat at Zoo Atlanta in 1994 - where he lived to the age of 50 (1962-2012) (2nd/3rd).

Read-aloud - Ivan read aloud by PV Story Time 

Video- Real-life story of Ivan - Zoo Atlanta presents 

Activity - choose some ways from the Great Kindness Challenge to show kindness towards others.

Recipe - spread kindness by sharing treats with loved ones Rocky Road Cookies from Baking Mad

Week 10:  February 8-12 (Theme: Valentine's Day)



Yuck a Love Story by Don Gillmore - Austin has a hard time admitting he likes his new neighbor Amy, but when her birthday comes, he goes to fantastic lengths to get her an unexpected present (Kind/1st)

Set the Mood: Whimsical music

Read Aloud - Yuck a Love Story read by bentonco library 

Craft connection - yucky fluffy slime recipe coloring sheet 

Video - How did Valentine's Day start? 

henry in love

Henry in Love by Peter McCarty-  Henry is a bit of a dreamer and not much of a talker, then there's Chloe, who says what she thinks and knows how to turn a spectacular cartwheel. This is the story of how one blueberry muffin makes all the difference. (2nd/3rd)

Set the mood- Whimsical piano music 

Read aloud - Henry in Love read by AHEV library  

Craft connection - Cupid Coloring Page

Video- How did Valentine's Day start?

Week 9:  February 1-5 (Theme: Black History)


Rosa Parks by Lisbeth Kaiser - A brief biography of Rosa Parks - civil rights activist (1913-2005). Kind/1st. 

Read-Aloud - Rosa Parks 

Coloring Sheet -Have courage and be kind 

white-socks-only_origWhite Socks Only by Evelyn Coleman - Grandma tells the story about her first trip alone into town during the days when segregation still existed in Mississippi, and how her native assumption about a sign led to whipping from an angry man. (2nd/3rd)

Read-Aloud - White socks only read by Amber Rose Tamblyn 

Coloring Sheet - Have courage and be kind

Week 8: January 25-29 (Theme: Penguins/Dinosaurs)

emperors egg

The Emperors Egg by Martin Jenkins - Describes the parental behavior of Emperor penguins, focusing on how the male keeps the egg warm until it hatches and how the parents care for the chick until after it is born. (Kind/1st)

Read Aloud - The Emperor's Egg 

Video - Penguins for kids-interesting facts 

Craft Connection - Draw an Emperor penguin 


Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad by Julie Middleton - What were the dinosaurs like when they were alive? During this trip field trip to a museum, Dave and his dad are about to find out! (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad

Video - 360 degree dinosaur expedition 

Video- meet the largest dinosaur ever discovered Attenborough and the giant dinosaur 

Craft connection - Make an origami dinosaur

Week 7: January 18-22 (Theme: Winter Weather)


Blizzard by John Rocco - After a massive blizzard, a boy becomes a hero when he walks to the local store to bring supplies back to his neighborhood which has been snowed in for days. Based on true events from author John Rocco's childhood experience. (Kind/1st)

Recess at 20 Below by Cindy Lou Aillaud - How cold does it have to be before students in Alaska stay inside for recess? For many schools, if it is colder than 20 degrees they stay indoors, otherwise, it's outside for frosty fun. (Kind/1st)

Read Aloud -  Blizzard read by author John Rocco

Read Aloud - Recess at 20 Below 

Video - Putting on Snow Clothes - first graders show how they can put on their snow clothes all by themselves. Get out several layers of outerwear and see how quickly you can put them all on. 

Activity - make your own snow globe at home make your own snow globe 

Live Video - watch live winter weather in action Squaw Valley Live HD on tap



Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins - Despite snow on the ground, icicles on window sills and discouraging words from their parents, Pauline and her little brother John-John decide to open a lemonade stand. A book about counting money. (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud - Lemonade in Winter 

What do bees do in Winter?  What do bees do in winter - wonderopolis 

Video - Build an EPIC blanket fort 

Activity - Busy as a bee activity sheet

Live Video - watch live winter weather in action Squaw Valley Live HD on tap

Week 6: January 11-15 (Theme- Martin Luther King Jr.)


I am Martin Luther King Jr by Brad Meltzer-  Introduces Martin Luther King Jr, explaining the historical events behind his life and times. (Kind/1st)

Strictly No Elephants by Mantchev - Sweetly affirming, a boy and his unusual pet create an environment where all are welcome! 

Read Aloud - I am Martin Luther King Jr

Read Aloud - Strictly No Elephants 

Activity - MLK coloring sheet


The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts - Sally McCabe is a very little girl who speaks out about the unkindness she sees, and others start start to pay attention (2nd/3rd)

I am Martin Luther Kind Jr by Brad Meltzer - Introduces Martin Luther King Jr, explaining the historical events behind his life and times. 

Read Aloud - The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Read Aloud - I am Martin Luther King Jr

Activity - MLK coloring sheet

Video - The Story of MLK by Kid President

Week 5: January 4-8 (Theme - New Beginnings)

Squirrel's New Years Resolution by Pat Miller - Squirrel knows that New Year's Day is a great day for making resolutions. But what exactly does it mean to make a resolution, anyway? Follow squirrel as she makes her way around the forest learning about New Year's resolutions and helping her friends get started on theirs.  (Kind/1st)

2021squirrels new years resolution

Read Aloud - Squirrels New Year's Resolution 

Video - Adios 2020 

Companion Activity - Match the resolutions game sheet 

                                     Match the resolution game pieces 

Craft Connection - Color your own New Year themed bookmark

all the way to america

All the Way to America by Dan Yaccarino - The story of a man who left the old world behind for a new life and a new beginning for his family. This is the story of a family that spans a century and honors those who helped make us who we are, a little shovel is passed down through four generations of the authors' family. (2nd/3rd)

Read Aloud by author - All the way to America read aloud by Dan Yaccarino

Video - book trailer 

Activity - What single item would you choose to take to start a new life in a new country? Email Mrs. Brookman your answers - I can't wait to hear what you choose :) 

Week 4: December 14-18 (Theme - Holiday Fun!)

The Broken Ornament by Tony DiTerlizzi - Jack knows just how to make this the best Christmas ever. BIGGEST tree on the block! MORE presents! MORE decorations! So when he breaks a dusty, old ornament, what's the harm? Jack is in for a surprise. (Kind/1st) 

The Broken Ornament

Read Aloud - The Broken Ornamament read by author Tony DiTerlizzi

Coloring page - Broken Ornament coloring page

Craft Connection - Create your own ornament 

Holiday Activity - Track Santa with NORAD 

Video Sing-Along - Santa Claus is Coming to Town 

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson - The six mischievous Herdman kids lie, steal, and smoke cigars, and when they become involved in the local Christmas pageant, it becomes one of the most memorable Christmas plays the community has ever witnessed. (2nd/3rd)

Read-Aloud - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Read-aloud 

Video Sing-along - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 

Craft Connection - Make your own cooked spaghetti wreath ornament

Holiday Activity - Track Santa with NORAD 

Week 3: December 7-11 (Theme- Holiday's Around the World) 

Where Would Santa Go? by Julia Inserro - Join Santa in this playful sleigh-ful Christmas adventure as he shows you all his favorite places around the world with his magic sleigh on Christmas Eve. (Kind/1st)

Where would santa go

Read Aloud - Where Would Santa Go - Mrs. Brookman reads

Craft Connection - Where Would Santa Go coloring page

Holiday's Around the World Presentation - watch videos and learn about some of the most popular cultural holidays in the world Holiday's Around the World 

World of Cookies for Santa

A World Full of Cookies for Santa by M.E. Furman - This book takes readers across the globe to see all the yummy treats that await Santa on Christmas Eve - a multicultural celebration that teaches us the traditions of different cultures in the form of cookies. (2nd/3rd) 

Read Aloud - A World Full of Cookies for Santa 

Holiday's Around the World presentation - watch videos and learn about some of the most popular cultural holidays in the world. Holiday's Around the

Week 2: November 30-December 1 (Theme - Gratitude) 

The Thank You Book by Mo Willems - This is the final book of the cult classic Gerald and Piggie series crafted by Mo Willems. In The Thank You Book Piggie wants to thank EVERYONE but Gerald is worried she will forget someone...someone important (Kind/1st)

Thank You book

Read Aloud - The Thank You Book Mo Willems 

Companion Video - Thankful Juicebox Jukebox 

Craft Connection - Thank-o-rama Draw Piggie

Gratitude Jar

My Gratitude Jar by Kristin Wiens - In this story, Jacob learns the value of filling his gratitude jar and the fulfillment that comes from helping others. As you listen to this book, think about the things you can do for those around you. (2nd/3rd)

Real Aloud - My Gratitude Jar 

Companion Video - Kid President's 25 reasons to be thankful

Week 1: November 23-27  (Theme- Giving Thanks)

The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz - A lonely oddly-shaped pumpkin is sad that no one chose him for Halloween, but he soon discovers where he belongs. (Kind/1st)


Read-aloud Ugly Pumpkin read-aloud

Activity Name Your Squash 

Craft Connection Ugly Pumpkin Coloring Page


Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet - the story of puppeteer Tony Sarg, the man who first invented the helium balloons that have become the trademark of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. (2nd/3rd)

Read-aloud Balloons over Broadway read-aloud - YouTube 

Companion Videos How The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Comes To Life | NBC Nightly News - YouTube 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons 2016, NYC - YouTube

Craft Connection - Thanksgiving Parade Coloring Sheet