Remote Learning Etiquette

Remote Learners

Be Ready to Learn

  • Get dressed and eat breakfast
  • Clear the room of playful pets or noisy siblings
  • Minimize background noise by turning off the TV and radio
  • Sign in early to test your connection

During Class

  • Turn off your microphone until it’s your turn to speak
  • Pay attention to your teacher and classmates
  • Participate fully

After Class

  • Go play away from the screen

Parents of Remote Learners

Helping My Child

  • Provide a designated space without distractions for your student to work from on remote learning days
  • Help with troubleshooting tech issues
  • Encourage your child to engage appropriately and make good behavior choices
  • Take advantage of break times to get away from the screen
  • Refrain from interrupting the lesson—use office hours to speak to the teacher
  • Call the office if you are having tech issues 833-2095

Did You Know…

  • Everyone (other students, their parents, the teacher) can hear you in the background so please be mindful of your volume and your choice of words
  • Everyone (other students, their parents, the teacher) can see you in the background so if you are in front of the camera, please be mindful your actions 
  • You can blur your background