How To Login To a District Computer

  1. Turn the district device on.
  2. *NOTE:  If you are connecting your device to your home wi-fi for the first time, you will need to FIRST connect to wi-fi, BEFORE Logging in.  Click on the wi-fi icon in the lower right hand corner and choose your network and enter the password for your network.
  3. Enter the student’s username and password. The student’s username is their student ID. The password is a two three letter word combination with the first letter of each word being capital and the student’s birthdate number (an example would be TopBat28). If you are uncertain what your student’s username or password is contact the school office.
  4. Once the student has entered the username and password push enter on the keyboard and the student will be logged in to the device. 
  5. Logging into a district device with student’s username and password also signs them into Microsoft Office 365 applications. For example at the bottom of the taskbar you will see that it is automatically signing them the student into the desktop version of Teams. Teams is where students can collaborate with their teacher and classmates. If we click on Microsoft Edge which is a web browser. You will see that it takes the student right into the Microsoft Office 365 portal. This is where they have access to all of their documents in OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Outlook which is email. Students cannot send or receive emails from anyone outside of the district.  
  6. There are several icons on the desktop. To get to the internet, click on a web browser.  Examples of web browsers are:  Microsoft Edge,  Google Chrome, Mozilla Fire Fox, Internet Explorer. In this example, I will click on Google Chrome. If you are not taken directly to the district website, type into the address bar. Underneath the Tagboard which is pictures showcasing the districts happenings, you will see icons for Office 365, Skyward, and Clever.
  7. To log into Clever and Skyward you will use the same username and password that was used to login to a district device. The student ID and password.
  8. To log into Office 365 you will use the student’s email address which is the student and the same password used to login to the computer. 
  9. When you are done with the device there are two ways to log out of the device. If someone else will be using the device go to the start menu in the left-hand corner, click on the person icon and choose sign out.
  10. If no one else will be using the device power it off by going to the start menu button, click the power button and choose shut down. Do not push the button on the laptop to power it off.