What is Clever?

Clever is an easy way for students to access the learning applications they use at school in a single location: the Clever Portal. Students only have to remember one username and password, or students in lower elementary use a Clever Badge.  Clever includes links to online textbooks, Office 365 Applications (OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Skyward and various technology resources.

How do Students Login to Clever?

  1. To access Clever go to the district webpage  Underneath the Tagboard which is pictures showcasing the districts happenings, you will see the icon for Clever.
  2. Click on the Clever icon. 
  3. Enter the student’s username and password. The student’s username is their student ID. The password is a two three letter word combination with the first letter of each word being capital and the student’s birthdate number (an example would be TopBat28). If you are uncertain what your student’s username or password is contact the teacher or the school office. 
  4. Once the student has entered the username and password push log in and the student will be logged into Clever. 
  5. In the Clever portal, the student will see the Macomb School District 185 apps such as Skyward, Office 365, Teams, Online Textbooks, and various technology apps.  The apps the student sees in the Clever portal are customized based on data from the student information system, Skyward. 
  6. Above the district apps are the Teacher Pages.  Teachers can create their own custom pages of technology resources for their classes.    
  7. Students can click on most apps in the Clever portal and it will sign them right into the app.  Students do not need to enter their username and password again.  This is known as single sign-on (SSO).  For example, if you click on a textbook it automatically signs the student right into the textbook app.  The student does not have to re-enter a username or password into the textbook app.  
  8. Some apps in Clever are not single sign-on and require the Clever browser extension for single sign-on saved password applications to work properly.  For example, if you click on Skyward which is a single sign-on saved password application, it requires the Clever extension to be installed.  District devices have the Clever extension.   If you do not want to add the Clever browser extension on your home device, Clever will populate a screen with the student’s login information to be copied and pasted into the website manually.   
  9. To log out of Clever in the right hand corner click on the student’s name and choose log out. 

More about Clever Browser Extension

If students are using a home computer, download the Clever Extension.  The Clever extension enables students to use single sign-on saved passwords to log in to their applications.  Currently, the browser extensions that Clever supports are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer (2013 or later). Click here to learn more about installing the Clever browser extension 

More about Clever Badges

Students in the lower elementary, have the option of using Clever Badges to login.  Badges are a QR code that students hold up to a camera on a district laptop and instantly it will log the student into the laptop, pull up the internet browser and take them directly into Clever.

Is there a Clever App?

The Clever app is available for download from the App Store on iOS devices. To learn more about the user experience when using the Clever app on mobile iOS devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones) versions 9.0 or later visit Clever.