Remote Learning Information High School

Schedule May 4-May 22
Schedule April 6-April 30
Schedule March 30-April 3

Contacting Teachers &  Office Hours

We have designated one hour as our all-school office hours. At this time, each teacher will be available to assist with questions about assignments, technology, and other items. Teachers are available to answer individual questions via email or by telephone.  The MHS Staff Directory lists the telephone numbers for all teachers.  Voicemails left at these numbers are forwarded to their inboxes so they will receive messages, even from home.

Daily Attendance/Engagement Check-In

Beginning Monday, April 6th, the high school is asking that each student "check-in" daily by filling out a form for engagement. The students will receive a link to the form at 8:00 a.m.  We ask that students submit the form by 3:00 p.m daily.  This check-in, by use of a Microsoft Form, is for the high school only. Grades Pre K-8 are using other methods to track student engagement. updated 4-7-20

Final Exams

Macomb High School will not administer Final Exams this spring. If school resumes in May, the dates formerly dedicated to final exams will now become regular attendance days with face-to-face instruction. If the Governor and ISBE determine that schools are to remain closed in May, the final exams dates will become remote learning days. This decision applies to MHS courses only. Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment courses will follow the guidance from Spoon River or WIU. updated 4-7-20


Teachers will grade work assigned during remote learning days, March 31-April 30th. We will follow the recommendations from ISBE (particularly on pages 50-57) in regards to the grading of student work.  We will not lower a student’s academic standing in a course based on posted 3rd quarter grades . Zeros will not be given for work assigned during remote learning for students that are unable to engage. Instead, work will be designated as incomplete and opportunities will be created so that students can reengage in what is missed after returning to face-to-face instruction. We will go to great lengths to ensure students have many opportunities to complete required coursework as we want every student to receive credit for this semester. (updated 4-3-20)

Work for Credit

It is important to clear up a misunderstanding by some concerning ISBE’s directive to not lower a student’s academic standing during Remote Learning Days. While it is true that students that complete their 4th quarter work will receive a grade that is at least as good as their 3rd quarter grade or higher, it does not mean students will receive credit without doing assignments. Some students may end up with incomplete grades due to missing work during Remote Learning Days. We are planning for ways that students with "incompletes" can make up the work at a later time to receive their semester credits. (updated 4-16-20)

Technology Resources

Students can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to participate in the online meetings. On a desktop or laptop computer, Teams can be used within a browser or by downloading and installing Teams.  For most situations, a browser such as Google Chrome will be just fine. On a tablet or a smartphone, the best experience will come from running Teams with an app. Each can be found at the Microsoft Download Page. The experience will be much better with speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. It is possible to participate without a camera in audio-only mode. Xbox and PlayStation headsets would work pretty well on any computer that doesn’t have speakers and/or a microphone.

Online Meetings & Schedules

Generally, teachers will not be using the online sessions for instruction. There may be some, especially for purposes of clarifying content, but the time will primarily be a way for teachers to speak to groups of students from the same course at the same time. Teachers will be able to provide feedback and answer questions.  Again, the online meetings will take place on Microsoft Teams.

Sessions will start at 1:00 and run through 2:40. The schedule is set for 10-minute online sessions that start on the hour and at the half-hour. We will split the classes into alternating days, which we will call A and B days. Students should look to Teams to see the invitation from the teacher so they can get to the online meeting.  Please see the posted schedule for class session times.

May 2020 Remote Learning Schedule


April 2020 ABC Rotation

Transition Plan

A transition plan for when we return to onsite learning is being developed and will include the process for addressing incomplete grades.

updated 4/16/20