Parent Drop Off Procedures

  1.  Drop off can begin at 7:30 at the south entrance of the parking lot using Griffin Street Entrance.
  2.  Patiently follow the flow of traffic.
  3.   No parking in the line and please remain in your car.
  4.   Students should exit out the right side of the car onto the sidewalk.
  5.   Do not pass in the car line unless directed by staff.
  6.   Cars will exit out of the parking lot on to Bonham Street.
  7.   All walkers stay on the sidewalk and if crossing Bonham Street, please use the crossing guard.

After School Procedures

  1. Anyone wanting to come pick up their child after school in a car, we ask that you use the Griffin Street Entrance.
  2. Car riders will be dismissed at 2:25 and will exit out the south doors of the building.
  3. Cars will need to enter the Griffin Street entrance and patiently follow the flow of the traffic.
  4. Staff will be at numerous spots on the sidewalk to help students get into cars if needed.
  5. Do not pass in the car lane unless directed by staff.
  6. Cars will exit the lot onto Bonham Street.
  7. Bus students will start being dismissed at 2:30
  8. Walkers will be dismissed after the buses have left the lane out in front of the school at around 2:40.  Parents walking home with their child, we ask that you stay back from the school until all the buses have left the lane.


All visitors entering the building must leave a driver's license/photo ID at the office to receive a visitor's badge to enter the building that must be always worn.