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Melanie Butcher
Choral Music Teacher

Ph: (309) 833-6255
Fax: (309) 836-1034

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Macomb Choirs

The Macomb Choirs Website is a forum for parents to find information and more details regarding events the choral music experience in Macomb Schools. The webpage has email alerts, calendars, pictures, and information on upcoming events.
Macomb Choirs

History and Purpose of Macomb Schools Choral Program

The music program at Macomb has enjoyed decades of excellence. The choral program at Macomb dates back to the 1930's and has produced many outstanding alumni. The students share in the privilege of bringing music to life, thereby achieving the ultimate in beauty of sound. The joy that they discover is then transmitted to and shared with the audience.

The music program has three primary objectives:

  • Cultural: To continue the development of music appreciation and  understanding through study and performance of the best in music.
  • Educational: To develop interested and discriminating listeners and provide a well-rounded musical background.
  • Service: To lend color and atmosphere to certain community affairs, while promoting and enhancing the dignity and reputation of Edison School and Macomb Junior High School at all concert appearances.

The directors are concerned that each member receives a broad musical experience, from attaining a thorough knowledge of musical elements to participation in superior performances of a wide variety of literature.

Music Education Goals   

  • The student will develop a degree of musical independence, which will enable them to read and perform music.  This skill is referred to as music literacy
  • The student will study representative examples of music from the various stylistic periods of music history, including music composed by the recognized master composers.
  • Students will develop and understand a classical vocal technique based on the Italian bel canto style of singing.
  • The student will participate in musical activities, which are designed to stimulate aesthetic response.

Music is a performing art. Students must participate in the act of performance to
fully realize and experience the musical and aesthetic values of this discipline. In
addition, an audience is an essential part of a performance and is required for the
highest realization of the values intrinsic to the musical experience.

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